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FNF Pibby Vs Corrupted Peppa Pig

FNF Pibby Vs Corrupted Peppa Pig

How to Play FNF Pibby Vs Corrupted Peppa Pig

FNF Pibby Vs Corrupted Peppa Pig is a unique mod for the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF), featuring a crossover between the character Pibby and a corrupted version of Peppa Pig. In this mod, players engage in rap battles against these characters, following the rhythm of the music to win each round.

Special Mechanisms

  1. Modifiers: Some levels may include modifiers that affect gameplay, such as faster beat markers or increased difficulty. Players must adapt to these modifiers to maintain their performance during rap battles.

  2. Power-Ups: Occasionally, power-ups may appear during rap battles. These power-ups can provide temporary boosts to the player character's performance, such as increased accuracy or health regeneration.

Rap Battles

  1. Turn-Based Rounds: Rap battles are conducted in a turn-based format, with each participant taking turns to deliver rap verses.

  2. Call and Response: The opponent delivers their rap verses first, followed by the player character's responses. Players must match the rhythm and timing of their opponent's verses to successfully complete their own.

  3. Winning and Losing: To win a rap battle, players must achieve a higher score than their opponent by accurately hitting the beat markers. If the player character's health meter depletes before the opponent's, the player loses the rap battle.


  1. Level Completion: Successfully winning rap battles allows players to progress through the mod's levels and encounter new opponents.

  2. Unlockable Content: Completing levels and achieving high scores may unlock new songs, characters, or features within the game.


  1. Character Selection: Players can choose their preferred character skins and customization options for the player character (Boyfriend).

  2. Difficulty Settings: The mod may offer different difficulty settings to cater to players of varying skill levels. Players can adjust these settings to suit their preferences and challenge themselves accordingly.



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