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FNF Overview

FNF was created by a team called ninjamuffin99, along with PhantomArcade3K, Evilsk8r, and Kawai Sprite. It quickly gained popularity for its catchy tunes, unique art style, and open-source nature.

Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) is a rhythm game where you battle your way into your girlfriend's heart through the power of music! You take on the role of Boyfriend, facing off against your girlfriend's dad and other challenging characters in rap battles. By hitting the notes in time with the music, you'll impress them and win your girlfriend's affection.


FNF week 8 - newest update

Surprise! Get ready to bust a rhyme because FNF just dropped a surprise update on May 1st, 2024. This unexpected update, sometimes referred to as "FNF Week 8" or "FNF Weekend 1," brings a whole new week of funky fresh content to challenge players and expand the FNF universe.

FNF Week 8 update actually came out as a surprise on May 1st, 2024.  It wasn't widely announced beforehand, so it was a fun surprise for fans!

What are new feature on FNF week 8?

This FNF week 8 update features a new week of gameplay with two new characters to battle. You'll get to rap battle Pico and his friends to some catchy tunes.

For those Friday Night Funkin' veterans who crave a challenge, the update introduces a new "Hard" difficulty mode. This mode cranks up the speed and complexity of the button prompts, demanding even faster reflexes and sharper musical intuition to emerge victorious.

The update also includes a new cutscene that teases upcoming storylines in the FNF full game. The cutscene features Pico and seems to hint at connections to past weeks, suggesting a deeper narrative woven throughout the game's progression.

How to play FNF?

FNF is a music game where arrows scroll down the screen in time with the music. Your goal is to press the corresponding arrow keys (← ↑ → ↓) on the keyboard as the arrows reach the judgment zone. The better your timing, the higher your score. You can also hold down keys for sustained notes.

Game control

  • Use Arrow keys or WASD keys to mirror the notes.
  • Enter to select.
  • ESC to go back.
  • + and - to control the volume and 0 to mute.

FNF week 8 Mods

One of the biggest reasons for FNF's longevity is its thriving modding scene. FNF Mods allow players to create and share custom content, like new weeks, characters, and even complete gameplay overhauls.

Popular mods in FNF week 8

There are countless FNF mods available, but some popular mods include:

  • FNF Vs. Sonic.exe: A creepypasta take on Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • FNF Vs. Whitty: A bombastic rock opponent with a short temper.
  • FNF Vs. Miku: Featuring the popular Vocaloid singer Hatsune Miku.

These are just a few examples, and there's a mod out there for almost any character or genre you can imagine!



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