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FNF Full Week

FNF Full Week

Storyline or Plot of the Game FNF Full Week

The storyline of FNF Full Week is an essential component that ties the gameplay together, making each battle more than just a test of rhythm. Here's a closer look at the narrative structure:

In Friday Night Funkin', players take on the role of Boyfriend, a young man determined to win the heart of his Girlfriend. To do this, he must prove his worth by defeating a series of opponents in musical battles. Each full week represents a different chapter in Boyfriend's journey, introducing new challenges and characters that test his skills and determination.

The plot unfolds across various weeks, each featuring a new antagonist. For example:

  • Week 1: Daddy Dearest: Boyfriend's first challenge comes from Girlfriend's father, Daddy Dearest, a former rock star who disapproves of Boyfriend. Through a series of songs, Boyfriend must prove his musical talent and earn Daddy Dearest's respect.

  • Week 2: Skid and Pump: The spooky duo Skid and Pump challenge Boyfriend during Halloween. This week features a playful yet challenging set of songs that add a festive twist to the narrative.

  • Week 3: Pico: Boyfriend faces off against Pico, an edgy character from Newgrounds history, who presents a tougher musical challenge with fast-paced tracks.

  • Week 4: Mommy Mearest: Girlfriend's mother, Mommy Mearest, steps in with her own set of groovy and difficult tracks, pushing Boyfriend to new limits.

Each week builds on the previous one, developing the storyline and relationships between the characters. The cutscenes and dialogues add context, showing Boyfriend's progression and the increasing respect he earns from his opponents. The overarching narrative is one of determination, love, and the pursuit of musical mastery.


FNF Full Week encapsulates the best of Friday Night Funkin', offering a complete and immersive experience that combines challenging gameplay with a rich narrative. Its unique characters, original music, and engaging storyline make it a standout in the rhythm game genre. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, FNF Full Week promises hours of fun and a memorable musical journey. Dive into the beats and rhythms, and help Boyfriend win his ultimate prize—Girlfriend's heart.



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